Getting back to the blog

So I’ve had a bit of a blog break.

It’s been over a year, which some people would call a Blog Century or at least an Internet Decade. Which is bad, because I constantly hassle other people to post to their blogs, and I’ve had a bunch of posts in draft for months and a whole bucket of ideas which I haven’t had the time to build out into something readable.

So starting today, that changes. I’m back on the horse. The Blog Horse. Riding towards Blog Nirvana. No I’m not putting in a paywall, that trick never works.

Upcoming in the next few weeks:

  • Running a technology evaluation – MDM
  • Creating a comfy space to work
  • Thirteen important things, a guide to creating your own reality
  • Why you should understand what’s in your next home Internet router
  • The End of IPv4 address space, did it cause the end of the world as we knew it?
  • Should good green design be cheap?
  • Security Incident Managers and visibility of your network traffic
  • How ‘beautiful’ product design can create beautiful everyday items which are totally useless for every day use
  • Community power and solar cells
  • Blogging the future: passion for news

I’ll probably also throw in some other random stuff, bad poetry and weird recipes. Perhaps the odd pic which I haven’t posted to Instagram (probably from whatever phone I’m using at the moment) or Flickr (quite possibly taken using my Holga or my Diana-mini using real film, developed then scanned) instead.

Onward and upward. Hi Ho Silver! Away!


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